Staff and payroll software

Staffing costs can make or break your profitability. Our HR Module has been built to make it easy for you to control staff costs. You can take speedy action if they are exceeding budget.


Helping directors

Set budgets by group and by site. Review in real-time how much you are spending on staffing.


Helping managers

The HR Module offers many features which will help streamline departmental managers tasks including:

  • Document tracking for contracts and health and safety compliance
  • Set shift rotas
  • Approve absences
  • Approve payroll
  • Set up and track staff allowances



Controlling staff costs

Set your budgets and pay. You will be able to track how staff costs are performing against budget (by group or by site).


Comply with the Living Wage

You can ensure that all staff are paid the National Living Wage according to their age.

If they move into a different tier, our system will alert you. A simple tick will ensure that their pay is reflected with their new pay level.


Set shift rotas

Our calendar provides quick and easy visibilty to staff rotas. One click and drag and you can move staff rotas around or copy them over week by week.



Staff clock in and clock out

An easy to access web based app makes it simple for staff to clock in and clock out. This information provides the data for calculating pay. If staff forget, rules can be created based on your business's specific requirements.


Approve payroll

One click and you can approve payroll for your staff.



Approve absences

Absences due to sickness or holidays can be requested, approved and recorded.



Staff allowances

Staff allowances can be set up and measured using this HR Module.


Create and send staff documentation

Create branded document templates. These include contracts and health & safety documentation within the admin area.

You can ensure that all staff have signed contracts and read their health and safety guidelines.