Customised reports with a purpose



Analysing performance by group, by site or by department

We can create reports to help measure your specific business goals.

Our integrated system collects data from across all departments and sites.


Helping directors

You can have complete visibility across all aspects of your business.


Helping managers

End of day or periodical reports are automatically emailed. This saves time for your managers.



Setting budgets

Input budgets by year, month, week and day. Clear reporting means that you can immediately see how the business is performing.


Recording sales

Sales are recorded using the integrated EPOS system and the Property Management module.

End of day reporting is much simpler.


Recording staff costs and stock levels


Costs are recorded when wages are approved using the Staffing and Payroll module, and when stock and delivery information is input.



Creating reports


The full stack of data means that it can be manipulated in anyway your business needs. When we set your modules up, we can discuss how you would like your business information reported.


Automated reports by email

Reports can be emailed to your inbox weekly, monthly or as often as you like. They can be split by site or totalled up to group level.