Events manager

Our innovative Events Manager software will save your staff time. It enables party organisers or corporate bookers to organise their conference, meeting, event or party.


Helping staff

Your Events Co-ordinator can manage rooms, menus, guests and budgets.

They can set up a private online area for the events organiser. This will reduce the number of emails and time spent organising the wedding.


Helping organisers

Organisers will have access to their own online portal where they can:

  • Organise their guest list
  • Create and amend seating plans
  • Select meal and drink choices
  • Select dietary requirements for individual guests
  • Purchase extras
  • View a timetable of their event



Allocate meeting and function rooms

Split room sessions into morning, afternoon, or evening. There is also easy access to organiser or company details.


Integrated with our room booking and EPOS

Our modules all talk to each other. The Events Manager links up with the Room module and EPOS making it simple to add charges to their account.



Our Planner helps you plan the tasks ahead. It sends reminders out to relevant staff ensuring that the day goes smoothly.


Customer Management

This helps the Events Co-ordinator track enquiries, create quotes and ensure that all communications are sent on time.


Organisers log in area

Each organiser will have their own private online portal. Here they can manage their day, saving your staff time.

They won't have to email their Co-ordinator to make changes to table plans or guest requirements. They can now do it themselves.

Each time they make a change, the Co-ordinator is notified either by email or an alert when they log into their admin area.