EPOS System

Our EPOS System is fully integrated with all other modules. It links seamlessly between the bar, restaurant and reception.


Helping staff

Easy to use, fast and flexible. Our EPOS system is installed locally but sends real-time updates to the cloud.


Delivering the best customer experience


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Managing table reservations

Waiting staff are able to add, view and edit table reservations within the EPOS system. They will also have the facility to allocate tables and change the layout to best utlise the space.

Changes sync in real-time with our online table reservation system.


Ordering and billing


Staff can take orders at a fixed station or at the table side using a tablet or a smartphone.



User permissions


There is no limit on the number of people you can set up on the EPOS system. Different levels of access can be given. It also intergrates sealmessly with our HR Module so you can manage staff rotas, payroll and more.



Set up categories

You have complete flexibility to set up categories in line with your business reporting.


Right handed or left handed?

Your staff can choose their individual screen layout. This makes it easier and quicker for them to input orders and total bills.


Sending orders

You can set up multiple networked printers. You can specify what information goes to the kitchen, to the bar or what to print on the bill.



Reports can be customised to suit your business systems and are of course integrated with all other modules.

You can have a clear visibilty of how your business is performing at any time of day or night.


Back up

If your broadband goes down, our EPOS system will still work online or offline.

It will still send orders to the printers and other terminals on the same network. Once the broadband connection is re-established, all data will automatically sync.